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Riders and Sliders offers many reasons why you would want to have your bike serviced by or professionally trained technicians. Below are three key areas that may require service or regular inspection on your bike.

Wheels / Tires ~
This is where the rubber meets the road, literally!
Inspect your tires for cracks and make sure the tubes have proper inflation. Spin your wheels and check for wobbles, if the wobs are noticeable or the rim hits the brake pads, get them in to be trued.

Drive train ~
This area, if left un-tuned, can make your rides miserable. Crankset, rear cassette, derailuers and your chain are the parts that make you GO! Don't neglect these. Keep them clean,lubed & adjusted for happy rides.

Brakes ~
Whether you have rim, disc or a coaster brakes, you better be able to stop. A quick check before a ride will help to keep you from hitting that wall.

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